Above and beyond applications boundaries

Our job at ClickLearn is to keep you current on your documentation and training on all the systems within your enterprise.

Stay on top with ClickLearn

ClickLearn delivers a number of generic connectors to ensure full coverage for your software application. Whether your applications are cloud-based, on-premise, windows clients or web applications ClickLearn will have a solution to your on-boarding and documentation needs. Results can vary depending on how well the application at hand is programmed and setup. However, in 90 % of the cases we do find a solution to make ClickLearn work on your applications.

Can’t find your business system on our list of supported products? 

Our Customer care is available to help customers getting the most out of ClickLearn on their applications suite. Our services include training and re-training, certification, upgrades, support, intergration services and consultancy on getting you started on your applications. In short sesssions, we will assist you in identify quirks in your applications and provide work-arounds for getting the optimum training results. All our services are free for all customers of ClickLearn.