To help customers attain successful ERP, CRM, and CPM projects by building up e-learning materials & content, ClickLearn is a perfect fit to deliver the right materials fast and easily for this important subphase.

Alexander Nassl, Software Consultant and Engineer (Freelance)

Inno Solutions believes that their clients can benefit from using ClickLearn and apply it to processes and technology that make their businesses unique.

Inno Solutions  uses ClickLearn to significantly reduce the effort involved in maintaining and distributing training and documentation, particularly related to their customized solutions. With ClickLearn, Inno Solutions can rapidly develop and communicate use case steps to ease the process of technical validation.

Modern and resilient processes are key for our business. We offer our customers project, consulting, administration, and development services in the field of cloud-based software implementation with all related components. We support you independently and efficiently for better decisions.